Cold Starters
Stuffed Vine Leaves
Cold Hors-d'oeuvre Plate
Russian Salad

Vegetable Dishes (Vegetarian)
Chick Peas or Baked Beans
Spinach with Egg or Cheese
Zuccini, Stuffed with Chees
Aubergine, Stuffed with Onion or Lentil
Brocoli with Egg

Meat Dishes
Stuffed Vegetables with Rice & Meat
Minced Meat Covered with Cheese or Egg
Chicken with cheese / Sot Chicken
Lamb with Potatoes
Stewed Vegetables & Meat in Casserole
Grilled Meat
Meat Balls
Beef Steak
Sish Kebab (Chicken or Lamb)
Mixed Grill

Dessets & Fruits
Chocolate Pudding
Rice Pudding
Ashure (Pudding with dried fruits,beans and chick peas)
Cream Caramel